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Pure limonin is a white, tasteless, and odorless powdered crystal with a melting point of 298° C. One teaspoon is equivalent to the amount of limonin in seven cups of orange juice. This means that a concentrated supplement of limonin would be relatively easy to create as in a capsule form.

A supplement of limonin would have many advantages. First, limonin has no known side effects. Second, it lasts a long time in the blood stream. Tests have shown that although concentration in the blood is highest within six hours of ingestion and concentration tails off over the next eighteen hours, there are residual amounts of limonin in the bloodstream up to 24 hours later.

Unlike many supplements, limonin is easily absorbed through the digestive system, meaning it can be beneficial when taken orally and does not require injection directly into the bloodstream.

As limonin is a by-product of the citrus industry, the chemical is readily available in large quantities from manufacturers around the world. Even so, some believe that the industrial processing of limonin can cause a reduction in its efficacy due to the possible breakdown of its structure. However, this could depend on the specific process used.

In experiments limonin was extracted from lime seeds using the following process:

"Collected lime seeds were cleaned with water, dried in a hot air oven at 105oC for 12 hours, ground into powder with particle size of 0.125 mm. The dried and ground seeds were extracted with petroleum ether, and then purified by recrystallization with methylene chloride and isopropanol.1"

Studies show that taking limonin with fish oil is even more effective. It is not certain whether they work together or in tandem to help protect the body from free radicals and cancer causing agents.

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